Coming Back to Your Roots

Giving thanks and expressing gratitude is an amazing practice of becoming aware of the love and abundance we receive on a daily basis. It moves us from simply taking and consuming into a state of heart-felt appreciation.

Gratitude does not limit itself to time or space. The beauty of expressing gratitude lies in not just feeling appreciation; we are offering an acknowledgment to see another despite our similarities or differences and that they matter.

While creating concepts for In Liefde, Emma would get up every morning and start writing down 7 things to be grateful for. Soon she realized the gift she had been given of being surrounded by so many talented chefs, ambitious home cooks and enthusiastic foodies.

All completely different, yet with two things in common. The deep connection to their background and the passion for telling a story through food.

Are you:

  • Interested in sharing your thoughts on cultural diversity?
  • Excited to meet new people from a variety of backgrounds? 
  • Eager to learn more about global cuisine?

Then please join us for an edition of Coming Back to Your Roots!

Every menu will be specially designed for you by one of our guest chefs. Throughout the event they will take you on a culinary journey in to their hearts.